Jay Cooke To Two Harbors - GPS .GDB Data Files
Walk NameData Files
Walk 1 - Jay Cooke To Becks Road Walk 1.gdb
Walk 2 - 123 Ave West To Magney-Snively Park Trailhead Walk 2.gdb
Walk 3 - Magney-Snively Park Trailhead to Spirit Mountain Walk 3.gdb
Walk 4 - Spirit Mountain To The Lake Superior Zoo Walk 4.gdb
Walk 5 - The Lake Superior Zoo to Highland Street Walk 5.gdb
Walk 6 - Highland Street to Piedmont Avenue Walk 6.gdb
Walk 7 - North 24th Ave West to Twin Ponds Walk 7.gdb
Walk 8 - Twin Ponds To The Rose Garden Walk 8.gdb
Walk 9 - The Rose Garden to Hartley Nature Center Walk 9.gdb
Walk 10 - Hartley Nature Center to Martin Road Walk 10.gdb
Walk 11 - Martin Road to Lismore Road Walk 11.gdb
Walk 12 - Lismore Road to Normanna Road Walk 12.gdb
Walk 13 - Normanna Road to the Sucker River Walk 13.gdb
Walk 14 - Sucker River to The Fox Farm Road Walk 14.gdb
Walk 15 - Fox Farm Road to Rossini Road Walk 15.gdb
Walk 16 - Rossini Road to Demonstration Forest Walk 16.gdb
Walk 17 - Demonstration Forest to Reeves Road Walk 17.gdb
Walk 18 - Reeves Road to Lake County Road 301 (Fors Road) Walk 18.gdb
Walk 19 - (Spur Trail) Vermillion Road to Hawk Ridge Walk 19.gdb

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