Jay Cooke State Park to Two Harbors - A Walking Guide To The Superior Hiking Trail

Detailed elevation and trail maps with GPS waypoints
Waypoints are based on easily recognizable geological, botanical, historical, or scenic features
Includes "Walk Logistics" at the beginning of each walk providing start and end points, directions on how to get to these places, and walk distances
Detailed Botanical and Geological Glossaries available online
  Clearly written and easy to use, this walking guide details the natural history, scenery, and trail conditions seen and/or encountered along more than 98 miles of the Superior Hiking Trail.

The book contains 19 individual walks that start in Jay Cooke State Park, go through the city of Duluth, and end up at Fors Road just north of the town of Two Harbors. All of the walks are easily accessible by bus, car, bicycle, or by stepping out a lakeside hotel room.

Each walk is highlighted by numerous GPS waypoints that mark geological, botanical, historical, or geographical features. Walkers with GPS devices or mobile GPS apps will be able to upload the waypoints for each walk from Rockflower Press (rockflowerpress.com). Between waypoints walkers will find descriptions of trail conditions, as well as what there is to see.

There are two online glossaries available for viewing or downloading from Rockflower Press (rockflowerpress.com). The first glossary contains geological terms and features, while the second gives brief descriptions of plants and wildflowers observed along the trail.

Whether itís an hour or a day, a walk through an old growth forest or across an open hillside full of wildflowers and rocky outcrops, or just a stroll on Duluthís Lakewalk, you will find this guide an invaluable and informative companion.

Rock Flower Press